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A look at some of our recent rebrands and why this might be the perfect time to reintroduce your brand to your consumer.

Typically, there are many valid reasons to rebrand your business and give it a revamped look and feel. Now, more than ever, your brand needs to clearly communicate its offering, invite customers back, and reintroduce itself with confidence and clarity. We've spent the last 10 years helping companies reenvision their brands with powerful branding geared specifically towards targeted consumers. We establish a new brand voice, tone, and ethos, to ensure the brand strikes an emotional chord with its customers. Here are a few examples of our successful rebrands for our valued partners, along with some perspective and rationale about the development!

Reason 1: Relevancy - Needing to Reconnect and Provide More Relevance to an Audience

Harbor's Edge - A rebrand for Sheraton Hotels. The previous branding had not been updated and they needed to compete with a growing number of new local restaurants. The new logo feels more upscale and inviting. It also highlights the restaurant's well-know views of the beautiful harbor views.

Reason 2: Competitive Differentiation - A Brand Lost in a Sea of Sameness

Odyssey Toys - We repositioned this branding to capitalize on its unique value and gave it a visual vibe unlike any of its competitors. Product photography is now front and center, with clear communication of features and benefits not found at this price point. We used specific color coordination to help the consumer identify each collection very easily. The results really do speak for themselves.


Pacific Play Tents - In a competitive industry where boutique-like companies dominate, this client needed to upgrade to a more vibrant and hand-crafted feel. Consumer data showed that their customer was looking for a more home-spun style rather than cookie-cutter branding with no differentiation. Our new line look provided new touchpoints and clarity without increasing production or packaging costs.

Reason 3: Next Level Branding - Making Retail Buyers Happy

Kalifornia Keto - This business had the fortunate problem of outgrowing its current brand. To win over buyers from different retailers, we evolved the brand to compete at a higher level with a prominent brand statement and appetizing photography. In addition, we future-proofed the packaging giving it a core line look ready for all future offerings.


Frill Frozen Desserts - Another case of a superior product, yet inadequate branding. We created a whole new brand ethos inspired by the adventurous spirit of its plant-based ingredients. Based on the new "What will you discover" tagline, the brand evolve to a whole new personality and instantly won buyers over!


JERF Foods - Staying on top of demographic shifts is good business, and that's what we did here. If you're hoping to make a splash on Amazon or any online store, the same design principles apply. Because brands ultimately boil down to customer perception, the value of your branding is entrenched in the minds of those you serve.

Reason 4: New Audience - A Whole New World

Simply Free - A rebrand allows you to redefine yourself with the goal of reaching new and untapped audiences. In this case, the client completely pivoted to the plant-based food trend. We renamed the brand and gave it a fresh, focused new look. The last thing a new brand wants, after all, is to associate itself with the stodgy brands of their parents’ generation.

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