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Personalized guidance, useful advice, and industry insight.

Let me help inspire your next creative endeavor, product or portfolio. I offer career-oriented guidance for designers in any field. Whether you're looking to land your first job, launch a design company or reinvigorate your brand, let my 20+ years of experience help guide you in the right direction.


25+ Years as a Los Angeles based Creative Executive.

Global Creative Vice President of a $300 million agency.

Design Professor at California State University, Northridge.

Cohost of #1 Graphic Design based Podcast.

Creative lead on global programs from Kellogg's, Starbucks, Kraft and Macy's.


Whether you’re just getting started in the design field or have been a practicing creative for years, there’s no denying that finding a design mentor is one of the best ways to continue improving and building your skillsets as a designer. With my 20 years of creative experience as an executive creative and design instructor, I can help you take it to the next level. Let's kick it up a gear.



I'm a brand builder - an expert in blue sky ideas and innovative branding solutions. Let me help you identify and solve your branding needs and challenges. Whether it's a brand new launch or a comprehensive rebrand, my goal is to help your craft a strong branding solution that stands out from the competition.



A Portfolio Review is perhaps the most efficient investment you can make in marketing your work. I'll help you effectively create and present your portfolio for any level design professional, including students looking for your first job experience or designers looking to change career paths.



"Nick has been an excellent resource for me as a designer trying to narrow a direction for my business.  There is no doubt that his expertise in design (and the business side of design) are substantial, but his even disposition, positivity and down-to-earth personality make it seem like just any conversation.  You almost forget that he’s imparting valuable wisdom.  He helped me to refocus and develop a better plan for approaching the evolution of my business, and I would recommend his mentoring and portfolio review to designers and creatives at any experience level."

-Josh Gibson, Giant Step Design Co.

"I have listened to Nick Longo on the Deeply Graphic Design cast for over a year now. I spoke to Nick asking for his advice on taking my freelance career to the next level. I want to make side business a full-time business, which is scary for me being a husband and father of two. Nick listened to my concerns and spoke from his personal experience giving me advice and assurance on how to make the transition without putting my family at risk. I am truly grateful for Nick for being a great mentor to me and other young designers. It is rare to find someone willing to speak from their heart, who honestly enjoys helping another person succeed in life."


-Israel Molina, Ismo Design


"Nick was awesome! He really took the time to understand the story behind my work and highlight the best of each piece while evaluating the ones that didn't make the cut. He truly challenged me to think in new ways to display my work and push myself out into the world. His Professionalism, charisma, and expertise really made this critique more than just a review. It was a kick-ass collaboration powwow!"


-Steven Maya, Student


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